Preparatory courses for the ECUS exam

Preparatory courses for the admission exam to Swiss Universities

Ecole BER opened its first preparatory class for admission exam of Swiss Universities more than 30 years ago. It, thus, has a significant experience and expertise in this area.

Each student's personal file must have been previously accepted by the University secretariat.

The course duration is of 31 weeks and covers all area of the entrance exam: English, History, Mathematics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

During the academic year, many tests are carried out by the students in order to measure level and track their progress. 2 global evaluations take place during the year. In addition, an optional course dedicated to reviewing the whole program is held in August.

We require regular and active presence from our students. It is equally important for us to prepare them for their exams and their subsequent university life.

The evaluation covers 5 subjects,1 of which to be chosen from 4 options:

  • 4 compulsory subjects

    French, English, Mathematics and History

  • 1 subject* to choose

    geography, chemistry, physics or biology

  • *In agreement with the faculty of the chosen university.

Our program:

  • French

    16 hours per week

  • Mathematics

    10 hours per week

  • History

    2 hours per week

  • English

    4 hours a week

  • Geography

    2 hours per week

  • Chemistry

    2 hours per week

  • Physics

    2 hours per week

  • Biology

    2 hours per week