Online preparatory courses for the ECUS exam

You cannot follow our face-to-face lessons at our school in Geneva? Follow them online by videoconference!

Our online courses are organized for a small group of 4 to 8 participants. This allows our teachers to give personalized lessons that meet everyone's needs. Students feel free to interact and video pose their questions to teachers, as if they were physically in class.

Students will receive all course documents in electronic format; no paper mailing.

The preparatory courses for the ECUS are intended for students with a foreign diploma wishing to undertake studies at a French-speaking university. The BER School opened its first preparation class for the admission exams to Swiss universities more than 25 years ago. She thus benefits from a great deal of experience.

The personal folder of each student must have been previously accepted by the University secretariat, subject to successful completion of the ECUS.

The training spans 31 weeks of lessons and covers all programs in French, English, history, mathematics and geography, biology, chemistry, physics.

During the study year

numerous tests carried out by the students

global assessments delivered at the end of each semester

We require our students to have a regular and active presence, as well as the rendering of all work posted online.

Conditions of admission to our courses:

  • French

    Level required: B2 (A level test will be carried out beforehand.)

  • English

    It is required to have at least a B1 level in English to be admitted to the course.

ECUS exam program: see the official website

The assessment covers 5 subjects, including 1 to be chosen from 4 options:

  • 4 compulsory subjects

    french C1, english B2, maths, history

  • 1 subject to choose* between

    geography / chemistry / physics / biology

* in agreement with the faculty of the chosen university

  • French

    6 periods per week

  • Maths

    5 periods per week

  • History

    1 period per week

  • English

    2 periods per week

  • Geography

    1 period per week

  • Chimistry

    1 period per week

  • Physics

    1 period per week

  • Biology

    1 period per week

No registration fee or handout fees are charged. All course documents are sent to students in electronic format. No document will be delivered or sent in paper format by post.